How could mentoring help my business?

You may be wondering what exactly you stand to gain from a mentor, especially if your business is ticking along nicely with you flying solo at the controls. But do you really have the experience and skill set to deal with everything being an entrepreneur throws at you?

Why not take advantage of the help on offer? Someone that can look at the business with a fresh pair of eyes and an outside perspective may point out issues you hadn’t even considered.

Good mentors will have developed and run successful businesses themselves. During their careers they will have learned how to overcome certain roadblocks and may be able to offer you a way through your problems without the trial and error process you’d go through on your own.

Developing a good relationship with a mentor will give you someone to bounce ideas off. A mentor can help you develop your suggestions for the business as well as provide you with fresh inspiration.

If you’ve recently made the transition from employee to self-employed you may find your mentor useful to help you set your personal deadlines and goals. Adjusting to being your own boss can be daunting if you don’t have a natural instinct for what a reasonable amount of time and effort to spend on the business is. Your mentor can help you assess whether or not you’re putting in the necessary time and energy into the project, or conversely, if you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Another reason why a mentor could prove invaluable is the access to the networks they’re familiar with. Having been in certain industries and business environments longer than you, they’re bound to have built up contacts throughout their career that you may be able to call upon when necessary.

This is by no means an extensive list of all the benefits a mentor can bring to your business. Individual entrepreneurs have different requirements and likewise different mentors can bring all kinds of value to a business. Used and maintained appropriately, a relationship with a mentor could really help your business thrive.

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