How do we get Googled?

I’m spending a lot of money on online marketing for my business in the form of pay-per-click, but I would like to see the site on page one in the main listings. How can I improve my organic ranking, and are there any other e-marketing activities I should be looking at?

A. Bruce Townsend of Actinic writes:

The first question to ask is, ‘listed on page one for what?’ There will be specific words and phrases that people use when looking for the products you sell. Find out what they are using at This takes your suggestions, compares them with its thesaurus and search engine database and gives you objective guidance.

Next, get to work on your rankings. Getting top spot requires a number of things, some of which aren’t under your control. However, a few simple changes can really improve your performance.

Include your phrases in the Title tag. The contents of this tag are used by search engines in ranking the page. The Title tag should be no more than seven or eight words. This makes it difficult to optimise a page effectively for more than three or four short phrases. Organise your phrases into groups of three to four, optimise the home page for the most important ones and identify the appropriate page to optimise the rest.

Work each phrase naturally into the body of the page at least three times. Even 10 times or more is okay, so long as the result reads well. Have at least a couple of occurrences of each phrase near the top of the page. It also helps to use the phrases in Heading tags, bold and italic and image Alt tags.

Don’t pull tricks like concealing text or showing different content to search engines and human users. These mindless repetitions of key phrases irritate search engine companies and can get you blacklisted. Using link farms can have the same effect – so don’t.

To achieve your full potential, do a little of everything but not too much of anything. Overstep the mark, and your site may disappear from the search listings forever.

Recruit links from other relevant, reputable and well-ranked sites. Use affi liate schemes, link exchanges and pay-per-click advertising. Each of these are worthwhile in their own right and will generate traffic. And the links will boost your search engine rankings.

Finally, keep marketing to visitors with special promotions, both on the site and by email, to keep them coming back.


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