How effective is your SEO?

Measuring your search engine optimisation efforts

The end game of SEO is always to get your website as high as possible at the top of the search results. Bob Dearsley, chairman of digital search PR agency, ITPR, describes the first page of the search results as the premier league; the vast majority of web-surfers only ever look at page one of the search, so you really want to be on that first page.

If your site appears high on the first page of a search, then your SEO is clearly proving to be successful. However there are other tools to assess its effectiveness and whether it is converting to increased traffic to your site, and ultimately more sales of your product or service.

There are ways to find out what traffic comes to your site and where it came from. Start using analytical tools to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website. For example, Google Analytics can track how many visitors arrived at your website and how they got there. It can show you the country or region where they are from and whether they were converted into customers and bought your product or service.

Google Analytics is a popular and free program, however there are others that can be bought, such as ClickTracks and WebTrends, which offer more powerful and detailed analysis of your SEO.

If you are selling products or services via your website, e-commerce tracking is highly recommended. Tools such as Omniture allow you to trace the details of every transaction that occurs through your site, so you can find out who is buying your product and where they are coming from. Again, this can really help you to develop your company, although this is not a free tool so you will need to evaluate whether you can afford to use it.


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