How I plan to win 100 customers in 90 days

Co-founder of Comuzi Software Akil Benjamin starts his quest with the plan to follow Justin Mares’ 19 Ways Growth Hackers Acquire Customers

Hello my name is Akil from Comuzi Software. We build cool software and solutions to problems.

As a team of four individuals we’re better at running a business than finishing university. Comuzi is our second start-up and we’re at the point of fight or flight.

I’m the company’s ‘growth hacker’ – now a popular role within tech start-ups which describes a hybrid marketing position where the growth hacker uses inexpensive, often free, tactics or ‘hacks’ to generate interest and business.

It is my job to develop a strategy to acquire customers to sell our services and so I am on a mission to get our first 100 customers, which I’ll be sharing with’s readers.

Being a growth hacker

‘Bootstrapping’ the company to this point I started reading growth hacking blogs on how to grow a customer base with limited resources and experience. While extremely insightful, they’re often extremely infuriating.

Nearly all the authors of these blogs forgot to talk about one crucial ingredient for success, hard work. And so, as I put the effort into growing my company I’m going to follow the advice of Warren Buffett’s right-hand man Charlie Munger and document all of my mistakes so I don’t make a fool of myself in the future.

As well as Munger’s advice I’m also sticking to the Silicon Valley mantra of “Fail fast… fail often, and fail in a way that doesn’t kill you”. This is turning out to be the beginning of my journal documenting all the mistakes that occur in the 100-hour work week, as I find my first 100 customers.

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So how on earth am I going to get there?

Reading entrepreneur and co-author of The Traction Book Justin Mares’ 19 Ways Growth Hackers Acquire Customers Slideshare presentation, I have found my answer.

I have nothing to lose and after reading the presentation I have realised the best thing for me to do is to get started and go through every last growth hack documented to take my business to the next stage.

First on the list, go VIRAL!

With a nascent Twitter following I am not exactly sure how I am going to pull this off but I am going to make a plan and try. I was recently advised by my friend who runs another start-up to reverse engineer my goals, so that is how I am going to do it.

Starting out with a date in the future and what I want to have achieved by the time I get there, clearly presents me with the actual goals I want to achieve and now I just have to work backwards and get there.

So here goes…20February 2015, to have acquired 100 customers for Comuzi Software and that number to be growing steadily. I still have to work out how to go viral but am moving in the right direction by telling my story on a bigger platform than my own.

Turns out the 20 February 2015 is 90 days away so it’s the perfect challenge:100 Customers in 90 days. I hope I make it, but either way I’ll be letting you know right here.

Akil Benjamin (@akilbenjamin) is co-founder of Comuzi Software and featured in our Tech Pitch profile recently.


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