How much should you spend on a desktop PC for your business?

Startups investigates the attributes you should look for in a quality desktop computer

The basic choice you will need to make when considering your budget is do you want a desktop PC that remains in your office or a laptop PC that you can carry around. Desktop PCs are generally more expensive than the equivalent laptop PC.

Desktop PCs can be obtained relatively cheaply. A budget PC – this will be useable in most business situations but there will be some compromise made on one or more of:

  • Quality – some of the supplied equipment might need replacing early on in the life of the product
  • Performance – most noticeable when: starting the PC up; when starting programs; and when running multiple programs simultaneously
  • Expansibility – although very few PCs actually get upgraded during their lifetime.

We suggest a target price of £400-500.

  • A mid-sized PC – this will have a longer useful life and will be less frustrating for people that have to use it for most of the day. We suggest a target price of £500-800.
  • Top of the range PCs are desirable if you are working with advanced graphics, video or engineering software. Expect to pay between £1500 – £3000 for a highly configured desktop PC.

Most desktop PCs also come with a keyboard, screen and mouse. Screens are nearly always flat LCD screens like you see in laptops.

Source: Buying a PC

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