How much time is your business wasting on documents?

As a lean start-up, your time is both extremely precious and valuable. Find out if you could be working more efficiently with productivity software…

How many PDF files have you worked with today? Chances are you have opened several invoices, quotes, proposals or reports already without giving them a second thought.

You are even less likely to have considered the number of hours that you pour down the drain every month working around a notoriously inflexible document format.

If you aren’t using PDFs within your business – you should be. The humble PDF is a professional standard. No one expects a formal quote to arrive in a Word document. PDFs are used by 9/10 small and medium businesses for a reason. They look exactly the same on every computer, they can be easily secured and large files can quickly be compressed into manageable PDF archives. Ironically though, the appealing finality which makes the PDF document so perfect for delivery often makes them cumbersome, unwieldy and can cause headaches which eat into your business efficiency.

But what if there was a way to make PDFs more flexible?

Productivity software specialists Nuance recently found that 38% of small and medium businesses spend an average of two hours every day working on documents. That’s 40 hours in the average month or one quarter of your billable time! Successful businesses must work with documents productively – which makes a robust editing suite like Nuance’s Power PDF solution a essential.

Here’s how editing software can save you valuable time:

Never type anything out again.

The realisation that a PDF document needs more work is at best frustrating and at worst comes far too late to avoid a painful retype. Jump straight into the file and solve the problem there and then. Media Pack from two years ago with your old number on and you can’t find the original file? Sort it in moments. Colleague hasn’t quite got it spot on this time round? Don’t print the document and scribble on it – fire them back a fully amended PDF without breaking a sweat.

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Fill in PDF forms at the touch of a button.

Print-Sign-Scan – It’s a torturous amount of effort for such a miniscule return. Fill in your form fields and input digital signatures within the comfort of your computer screen.

Say goodbye to paper.

Paper no longer suits the working structure of many small businesses. Paper is in one place and your team is spread out across the country if not the world. Paper takes up costly storage space. Turn paper into fully searchable PDF documents straight from the scanner in seconds. Everyone can access the documents they need in one place and add trackable comments and revisions.

Secure documents quicker.

In 2014 the New York Times failed to properly redact a leaked PDF document thus revealing, by a simple copy and paste, the identity of a whistleblowing NSA agent. Admittedly, the stakes aren’t quite as high for the average start-up, but why take the risk when it comes to document security?

Security needn’t be time consuming. Quickly encrypt documents, apply passwords, and purge comments and metadata where confidential information might have been left behind with a few clicks.

Nuance offers an award winning PDF solution Power PDF, which is offered for a low one off cost with no recurring subscription. To find out more and purchase click here.


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