How much will a server cost?

A guide to the various price options available

Prices of computer hardware vary enormously and it pays to explore the latest offers that suppliers may have running at any moment in time. Typically you can expect to pay these prices dependent upon the type of server you are after:

  • A budget server – a no-frills computer with limited or no expansion capability and limited ability to protect your data in the event of a problem. It will support up to, say, 6 typical users. We suggest a target price of £600-700.
  • A mid-sized server that has plenty of scope for expansion and which can continue to run after most kinds of failure or problem. It will support up to, say, 20 typical users. We suggest a target price of £1,800 – 2,500.

In practice there is a spectrum of servers in between and larger businesses can expect to spend considerably more. You will no doubt find that the cost will rise when you come to configure a useful machine. For example, the headline price rarely includes operating software. It will certainly not include application software, installation or support.

PC server support

Consider buying on-site support. Failures should be rare, but you will be without a potentially key item of equipment while you are waiting for the server to be repaired. Think about whether you need cover outside normal hours.

PC server suppliers

The Finding Hardware Products and Suppliers guide can help you when it comes to selecting a supplier.

Source: Buying a PC server

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