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How The Primal Pantry’s website has helped it make millions overseas

With sales in 29 markets, this UK start-up sought to be a global brand from day one. Founder Suzie Walker says an international domain name helped...

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The creator of award-winning clean eating protein snack bars, The Primal Pantry launched in February 2014 and by August 2014 the business had started exporting its products overseas.

Today, less than four years since it began trading internationally, the Maidenhead-based snack brand now exports to 29 markets and its overseas sales make up approximately 40% of its multi-million turnover.

So, what’s the secret behind the start-up’s early export success?-

According to company founder, qualified nutritionist Suzie Walker, cracking international trade has been down to:

  1. Tapping into a market which has global demand (healthier snacking)
  2. And capitalising on this global demand with a website which has a globally recognised domain extension; a .com.

To better understand how The Primal Pantry has achieved impressive international growth – and how your start-up can follow in its footsteps – we spoke to Walker to learn more…

The business idea behind The Primal Pantry

“There was a clear gap in sports nutrition for a cleaner higher quality protein bar. Most protein bars are filled with artificial sweeteners, low quality protein and whole host of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce.

“For us, we wanted to provide consumers with the choice to choose something better so we set out to create the cleanest protein bars on the market, made entirely with real food ingredients.

“We wanted to keep our range plant based and have chosen to use a hemp protein, the only plant-based protein source which provides all 20 amino acids. We started with our range of snack bars all made with no more than five ingredients; simple and tasty is how we like to keep all our products.

“I launched the business in 2014 and, after promoting three initial flavours on social media and receiving no less than 20,000 orders within two weeks, I knew I was on to something.”

How The Primal Pantry secured an international domain name

“I wanted a .com domain name from day one as I knew it would give us the opportunity to create a global brand site.

“I believe that .com is the most globally recognised domain extension. It’s simple, short and straightforward.”

“An international domain name was straightforward to get hold of. There are some crazy domain extensions out there, but we like to keep things simple.”

The Primal Pantry’s export success story

“Healthier snacking is a growing food trend across the globe and we wanted to take advantage of any opportunity open to us to be part of that growth, especially in our early days.

We started exporting within six months, it was great from a cash flow perspective as we agreed upfront payment terms with all our initial distribution partners.

“In our first year, the majority of our export business was reactive; we had distributors that loved the product and the potential for the brand in their market.

“Today, the range has expanded and Primal Pantry products are now sold through international distributors to 29 countries worldwide.

“Our website has helped us to attract customers from across the globe and not just clean eating converts but sports enthusiasts, free-from adopters and healthy snackers.”

The future of The Primal Pantry and its global ambitions

“This year, our aim is to focus on our key markets in Northern Europe, to grow distribution and drive our brand awareness further. We would like to focus on three to four of our key international markets vs expanding into more markets.

“Equally, our home market is key and there is still lots to go for.

“We have successfully attained over 5,000 distribution points in the UK and are on the hunt to secure more. We also have some exciting stuff planned which will allow us to increase our awareness and get the brand into more consumer's hands.”

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