How the Rockstar Group could help launch your business

The organisation pairs entrepreneurs with an appropriate mentor

The Rockstar Group offers a very structured mentoring programme to entrepreneurs that sign up, allowing them to pair up with a mentor that suits the level and type of guidance they’re after.

Entrepreneurs browse the Rockstar site and are able to see profiles and photos of all the mentors signed up with the programme. There’s a membership fee to join but once signed up, each entrepreneur is contacted to find out exactly what they’re looking for from a mentor and given an explanation on how the process will work.

Entrepreneurs are then assigned to an appropriate mentor who contacts them to arrange a face-to-face meeting where they establish a realistic 12-month goal. Objectives are laid down for the first month after which they’ll meet again. From then on mentoring can either continue face-to-face or via the phone. Email conversations between the mentor and entrepreneur are also encouraged.

The service is open to all entrepreneurs regardless of age, region or industry. Likewise the mentors themselves are from a wide variety of regions and business sectors and are all entrepreneurs in their own right.

The organisation is also in the process of launching a new private funding arm that allows all members to apply for finance with help from their mentors on how to pitch to Rockstar Group’s private investors.

To sign up to the Rockstar Group’s mentoring programme click here


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