How to adjust your IT equipment to make your business more green

Using IT to build an environmentally friendly business

Few business people could fail to realise the importance of green or environmental issues that now affect all parts of our day to day lives. All businesses, no matter what size, can help to save resources. In addition, by reducing waste a business can save money and establish itself as a socially responsible employer.

IT can contribute a fair amount to your running costs as well as your overall environmental footprint. Over the next few years legislation will increasingly start to affect smaller businesses and will start to force behavioural changes along with overall attitudes to the environment.

The good news is that we can start the process now, and by saving the environment we are able to save our businesses money. By supporting environmentally friendly IT initiatives today, you can be ahead of the game.

What is a green business?

There are many measures of how green or environmentally friendly a business is, ranging from carbon footprints through to complex companywide audits. In practice it only takes a few steps to achieve considerable environmental savings and these need not impact the effectiveness of the business.

The focus of the Business IT Guide is, of course IT. To that end we will be taking a more detailed look at IT savings, but don’t forget the non-IT related changes that can also help you become environmentally friendly. Remember, a green business is one that takes efforts to reduce its environmental impact overall and aims to become a socially responsible citizen.


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