How to choose a winning business name

We meet Romi Savova, the founder of online pension manager, who shares the story of how her company found its name

So much thought goes into getting the name of your baby right – unique, interesting, memorable. And it’s no different when it comes to a new business, which many almost come to regard as their offspring too.

The process for choosing the name has parallels with impending parenthood too. Brainstorming, listing, discussing, and whittling down to the one that says everything you want it to say to someone.

But unlike baby names, you should also look to register a domain name for your new business. And the stronger, more memorable and impressive, the better.

Every start-up has their own story of how their business came to be – and naming it while simultaneously checking the desired domain name is available has become par for the course. co-founder Romi Savova’s experience is no different. As a new way of managing pensions for its customers, Savova wanted to communicate a number of messages through the company name.

People work hard to save for their future retirement. They put their money aside, carefully building up what will one day provide a reassuringly valuable honeypot with which to enjoy the rest of their lives.

The ‘bee’ association may seem obvious once you consider the metaphor, but when the business idea is a mere concept to change a very traditional industry there are so many values you might want to apply.

And that’s why PensionBee’s story of how it came to be and the process Savova went through to get the sought-after .com domain name is both instructive and interesting for any start-up about to make that all-important decision.

This article is a part of the ‘Getting Online’ series sponsored by Verisign.

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