How to create an online catalogue for your website

We investigate the four online catalogue options to consider

If your site has a large quantity of different products then you’ll probably need to display in online catalogue form.

Online catalogues work in much the same way as a department store does. Shoppers can browse hundreds or thousands of products according to categories. This makes it easier for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for, minimising the chances of them missing a product on your site.

There are four main types of online catalogue which vary in price and functionality:

ASP: Application Server Provider. With this type of catalogue you are given a user account and password that give you access to the site through your web browser. With this option you don’t need a separate hosting site and you can make changes and updates from any computer connected to the internet.

Software: With this option you load the software onto your own machine, and then load it onto your shop from there.

Open source: this is a kind of cooperative service where you use software which has been developed and given away free by developers. However, there may be some hosting costs associated with this type of system.

Free products: There are free catalogues out there but with these you often only get the software itself for no charge, and are liable to pay fees on the transactions you make when using the software. Be careful with these catalogues as they may restrict your site development in the long run.



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