How to emotionally engage your customers with experiential marketing

Experiential marketing gives your customers the opportunity to engage and interact with your brand, products and services face-to-face in an emotional and tangible way, using one or more of the senses.
The background

It’s often known as customer experience marketing and is the difference between telling people about your products or service features and letting them experience the benefits for themselves so they can make more informed purchasing decisions. You can increase brand awareness and customer loyalty without resorting to price promotions or giveaways, establish highly-qualified leads and enhance your customer database.

The process

Experiential marketing can be carried out through a range of activities, such as exhibitions, roadshows, ambient and in-store advertising, free product sampling and sponsorship and is an increasingly popular form of brand marketing for drinks, retail brands and fast-moving consumer goods.

Need to know

If you’re looking to develop experiential marketing activity, there are a number of experiential marketing agencies that can advise you on setting up live events, product sampling, roadshows and ambient activity. The Direct Marketing Association has set up an Experiential Marketing Committee to provide best practice and research.

Top tips

Bear the following in mind for any experiential brand marketing activity

… Like any marketing activity, there’s not much point in investing in experiential marketing unless you have something to say

… Choose the right location

… Attract the right crowd – you want to appeal to your existing customers and prospects so profile your potential audience by age, gender and other key demographics. Use your customer data to match the right customers to the experience

… Make it fun – combining entertainment with a product roadshow will lift your marketing activity from promotional sampling to experiential marketing

… Keep your event size manageable to maximise one-to-one interaction


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