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How to ensure quality logo design: 5 important questions to ask your logo designer

Key essentials you should know before committing to a logo service provider

There are various types of logo design services available to UK small businesses, and each one approaches the creation of the design differently.

Some bespoke companies hand-draw their logos from scratch in order to guarantee 100% originality to the customer, however this is not the case with all providers. Many services incorporate clip art images into their designs and therefore cannot guarantee the user complete exclusivity.

Service providers are not always transparent about the level of exclusivity they are offering, or the level of service you will receive, so it pays to ask the right questions before committing to a particular provider.

We've identified five key questions to ask your potential logo designer to ensure you will receive a quality service before you embark on creating your company's signature look.

1. Will the picture in my logo be used somewhere else?

Many of the most powerful logos incorporate a graphic or icon element in the design as a way of being recognised at speed without a customer having to read the company name. However, the impact of your icon is lost completely if you are not the only business using it. Unfortunately, this is a real possibility with a number of logo design services. To avoid this serious setback, ask your logo designer outright before you begin the process if your picture could appear on another business. If they cannot guarantee individuality, we would recommend using a different provider.

2. I need a few versions of my logo. Will I be charged again for a black and white version?

Hidden costs can soon stack up if you are dealing with a shady logo design service. Iterations of an identical design; perhaps colour variation or file size, are the types of scenario which often carry ludicrous charges that can sting you in what otherwise seemed a reasonable service initially. Before you begin, consider if you may need other versions of your logo and ask your designer about the charges applicable. It is fair that a small charge is applied, as it uses the designer's time and gives the customer greater flexibility in the future, but it should be nowhere near the cost of the original logo again.

3. Do you free draw all your logos?

Ensuring your logo is 100% unique should be step one for any business serious about their future. How can you expect a potential customer to perceive your business as carefully conceived, professional and extraordinary if your logo is not? The main pitfall here is avoiding clip art (or ‘stock' images) and standard fonts. These are quite literally selected from a catalogue of options and if the designer does not have great resources, your logo may contain the same font and images as a number of your competitors. By checking your designer free draws their logo designs, you can verify the quality of the designer and their training, plus you guarantee your business' look will be fresh and have impact.

4. How long do you take to design your logos?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get a unique, high quality logo at the push of a button? Unfortunately, this service just doesn't exist. If you're after an individual, quality logo you're going to need to allow a professional graphic designer the time to create you one from scratch. That doesn't mean to say let them take forever! Several days is typically enough of a window for a designer to process your design in their queue of work. However, by asking your designer how long they take to design their logos, you can verify the quality of service you're getting. Ask yourself: if they can turn around a design in half hour an hour, are you getting a hand-drawn unique logo?

5. Is my logo copyrighted to me?

It's important that your logo cannot be used by anyone else in order for you to protect what makes your business (and its signature look) powerful. A good logo designer will pass all copyright to you, the small business owner, at the point at which the design is signed off (completed). However, if you do not clarify this situation, it may be that your logo designer cannot guarantee you that exclusivity, therefore putting your business in a vulnerable position, without you knowing. We would recommend ensuring that you own your business logo 100% after completion in order to avoid any trouble later down the line.

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