How to find the perfect salesperson

How to recruit your sales team

There are many ways to find new salespeople, including through agencies, newspapers, networking, and headhunting. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages.


Recruitment agencies are experienced and will be able to send you a selection of applicants, meaning you avoid being deluged with unsuitable applications. But fees can be high and you might have to pay them a percentage of the new employee’s salary, meaning this might not be the best option if your business is just getting started.


Newspapers are a cheaper option and the advert will be seen by large numbers of people. However, you will probably receive a large number of applications, most of which could be unsuitable.


Networking is a tried and tested method of recruiting, whether the new employee is a recommendation from someone or you ask your existing employees to suggest people. It’s very cheap, but if you need a role filling, you won’t see a large number of people for it through this method.


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