How to give an unforgettable presentation

Whether you're pitching to investors or clients, a killer presentation will make all the difference. Follow these steps from Expert Market to present like a pro

How do you give a killer presentation that will make clients, customers, and investors remember your business and want to work with you?

The team at Expert Market have created a useful video on how to do just that because, after all, fantastic presenters aren't born, they're made.

Follow these three steps from Nick Belcher, managing director of Market Research, to present like a professional…

1. Know your audience

The best way to deliver a message is to tailor it to the person you're talking to. You need to do some preparation beforehand and think about who's in the room.

To help you plan the best way to deliver your message, ask yourself questions like:

  • Why are they there? If you're presenting at a product exhibition, for instance, think about why the audience may be attending and what they're looking to get out of listening to your presentation.
  • What are their motivations? Say you're presenting to a panel of investors, think about why they're listening to your pitch and what they're looking to get from your business. What can you say in your presentation that will convince them to back you?
  • What's their current attitude towards the subject you're there to talk about? For example, if you run a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency and you're meeting with a potential client who has little understanding of SEO and doesn't think their business will benefit from SEO, you're going to need to focus your presentation on education and awareness.

The other benefit of knowing your audience is that you can speak to them more personally, using examples that you know they will understand which will build a connection that will really help you win them over.

2. Move your audience

People are driven by emotions, as well as by thoughts and ideas so you need to appeal to their feelings as well as their minds.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to make your audience laugh or cry – though actually it wouldn't hurt depending on who you're presenting to – but if you show real feeling, people will absorb it.

For example, if you're talking about an injustice and you appear to be genuinely moved by it, then you'll be that much more able to move your audience in the same way. The same is true if you're trying to sell a product or a solution; the most convincing thing in the world is an enthusiastic person speaking with real conviction.

So, if you want your audience to be excited about an opportunity you have to feel that excitement yourself, even if you choose to display it subtly.

3.  Remember that less is more

When people present and particularly if they're using slides, there's a real temptation to cram a lot of information and a lot of visuals into a deck to dazzle your audience with a range of powerful material.

Now, unfortunately, people can't read, think and listen at the same time so the final top tip is to keep it simple. It's much more effective to stun your audience with a single concise fact and then pause to let them absorb it then it is to reel off 10 points at top speed.

Crucially, try to tell stories. People have been conditioned to listen to stories for hundreds of thousands of years and it's a powerful way to command attention.

Keeping it simple also means there's less for you to worry about so you can stay relaxed, focused and natural throughout.

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