How to grow a Unicorn

From writing a perfect pitch deck and landing funding to lessons from the Unicorn club, get your ebook to learn what it takes to build a $1bn start-up

10 years ago, achieving a $1bn valuation as a start-up was a rare feat.

Fast forward to 2018, however, and we’ve seen early-stage businesses from across the globe achieve the supposedly mythical milestone of Unicorn status.

And the good news is that you can follow in their footsteps.

Following a series of research and interviews with Unicorn companies, – together with cloud computing specialist Oracle NetSuite – has identified the key principles you can follow to increase the chances of growing your business to join the Unicorn ranks.

From the people, systems and processes you can put in place to support the monumental growth that comes with building a $1bn business, to the ways you can attract the attention of investors with deep pockets, we’ve brought all of our findings together in one comprehensive ebook.

Within this ebook, you’ll find a deep dive into the stories of a number of start-ups in the billion-dollar Unicorn Club such as Spotify, along with an examination of why some fell short; those “nearly” Unicorns.

You’ll also find advice on how to raise capital with a look at the type of investors who go after Unicorns and how to create an engaging pitch deck, along with a candid interview with Just Eat on its journey to building a Unicorn.

By reading this ebook we’re confident that you’ll come away with techniques and strategies that you can adopt to grow your very own Unicorn – or, at the very least, a sustainable and successful fast-growth small business.

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