How Trouva has harnessed social media to build a fast-growth dot-com brand

Founder Alex Loizou explains that it encourages Instagram takeovers so its community of boutiques can find their voice and reach thousands of people

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Originating from the French for ‘Lucky find' (Trouvaille), Trouva is the online destination helping consumers discover bricks-and-mortar boutiques and independent shops from around the UK. It offers unique curated products from fashion to homeware and accessories.

Launched in August 2015, Trouva founder Alex Loizou says the company – which was nominated for App of the Year at the Startups Awards 2016 – has already generated between £4m and £5m for the boutiques on its platform.

Loizou says that as a new, mainstream and “up-and-coming” consumer brand, securing the domain name was a vital step in ensuring the elements were in place to “generate initial trust”.

What's more, after deciding to utilise a certain social channel,  Loizou asserts that it was important to have a dot-com domain to define the edge that Trouva had over other marketplaces in order to build a loyal and engaged community.

Loizou explains that this approach has worked: “Since we registered the domain, we’ve gone from being a very small e-commerce player to becoming one of the fastest growing start-ups in the UK”.

He continues: “Because of our community really believing in us and really working with us and giving us access to their inventory and really working with us, we’ve managed to game-change how they use online as a channel to attract customers”.

When it comes to succeeding on social media, Trouva allows its community to “takeover” its Instagram account and post their own content, giving them the opportunity to have their own voice and reach “tens of thousands of people” online that they would otherwise never have been exposed to.

Having found new customers on social media that “love what we do and also what we stand for”, Loizou is ready to help make “that domain” important to the entire world.

Watch this exclusive video for the full interview to find out how Trouva is harnessing social media for business, and get tips on how your start-up can do the same…

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