How to keep your staff loyal

An undervalued team is more likely to help themselves to your profits

Even if you’ve taken every precaution when recruiting your staff, you still have to work at keeping them happy.

If your team feels you’re “robbing” them by not paying them enough, or generally underestimating their value, it makes it much easier for them to justify stealing from you.

Perks can help keep staff loyal. Start with something as simple as providing free tea, coffee and biscuits for the team. Be flexible on working hours, give them a day off for Christmas shopping or on their birthday. Offer staff discounts on your goods – one word of warning here though make sure all staff discount purchases are put through by another member of staff and are countersigned.

The John Lewis stores have a reputation for honesty among its staff and Greg Williams, a spokesperson for the store, puts this down to the ‘partnership’ ethos:

“All members of staff are effectively co-owners of the business and they share in the company’s profits. So the company’s money is their money and that makes them much less likely to steal from the business.”


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