How to make videos on a start-up budget

Think video creation is too costly for your business? Think again. Learn from Expert Market and producer Ben Tivnen on how to create incredible videos

Traditionally, professional quality video content has been reserved for large corporations with even larger budgets.

Yet, with the technology market now filled to the brim with high resolution cameras, GoPros and smartphones, it should be easier than ever for start-ups to produce their own high quality content.

The challenge many start-ups face is transforming amateur footage into something that looks professional.

Hiring a video production company will give you the high quality video you want, but you can easily make a video yourself, at a fraction of the cost, if you put time and consideration into the footage you record.

Follow these three simple steps to create professional videos to market your small business:

High quality audio

If your footage quality isn’t quite perfect, it’s easy for your audience to see through it and grasp the message at the core of your video.

However, if the quality of your sound is bad it can appear extremely unprofessional and can turn people off your video altogether as poor audio distracts from the footage and makes it harder to follow.

Remove unnecessary background noise, dampen echo with blankets or simply choose to record in a carpeted room rather than a room with hard surfaces. These simple changes will make a huge difference to your overall audio quality.


Spend time planning how you will position your subject in the video. If you’re recording a vlog, centering your subject and facing the camera will work fine.

If you’re filming an interview, ensure your subject is looking towards the interviewer off-camera. Position them to one side of the frame and have them facing into the space to avoid it feeling claustrophobic. The difference in this approach is subtle, but something your audience will notice quickly.

Professional lighting

Lighting your subject well does not require professional lighting equipment. If you do have the luxury of professional lighting, make sure you use it in all videos. If you don’t have lighting equipment, use a regular source of light. In most cases, sunlight works best. Using natural light works best on an overcast day so that changes in the light don’t wreak havoc on your shot.

Remember not to mix light sources, combining daylight and indoor bulbs will look unnatural, so choose one light source and stick to it.

Once you’ve ensured these basics are covered, you’ll see a huge improvement in the quality of your video.

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