Watch live: What happens in a start-up incubator?

Six entrepreneurs graduating from Incubus Ventures prepare to pitch...

IncuBus Ventures is an early-stage start-up incubator (orginally on a bus) that helps start-ups shaping the future, with gaining traction and raising funding.

Over the past 12 weeks, IncuBus and PwC have been developing six start-ups looking to disrupt the workplace. Now they are ready to pitch –  for business funding, the world’s best accelerators and to take their business to market.

Discover what the innovations are, get some tips on how to pitch your own business, and of course support these entrepreneurs as they look to scale their business.

Tune in from 5.45pm on Friday 8th April.

IncuBus Future of Work Demo Day schedule:

5:50pm – Introductory Remark from PwC and IncuBus
6:00pm – Keynote by Dr Dave Richards on adapting to the Future of Work
6:30pm – Pitch Group 1
6:50pm – Break
7:00-7:40pm – Pitch Group 2

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