HP launches range of laptops and printers for start-ups

Company says new products specifically aimed at small business

IT corporation Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced the launch of a range of PCs and printers specifically aimed at meeting the needs of small businesses and start-ups. HP claims its new line of notebooks is designed to meet the affordability criteria of the smallest businesses without compromising on features or quality. It has announced two separate notebook series designed for start-ups; the high-end ProBook 400 series and the lower-priced HP 200 laptops, which are designed for start-ups on a tight budget. HP says all the notebooks are all designed to perform the wide range of functions needed by those who run a small business or carry on trade on their own account. The HP 400 notebooks will be sold in a range of screen sizes from 13.3″ to 17.3″ and feature a solid-state hard drive (SSD), which allows for greater durability and faster access to data. The laptops will allow customisation of connectivity options and retail from the £499 price point. HP’s 200 series laptops are designed for easier connectivity to other multimedia devices for pitches and presentations, featuring an HDMI interface for simpler interaction with high-definition televisions and projectors. The laptop is offered with a 15.6″ screen size and will retail from £329. The company has also announced a range of laser and inkjet printers and scanners which it says contain easy integration features so they can be quickly set up in a home or small office. The new printers and scanners range includes the high-end LaserJet Enterprise M725, which allows for large-scale printing on paper sizes up to A3, and the LaserJet Pro multifunction printer, a smaller model which will allow users to print from smartphones and tablet devices. HP’s business notebooks are expected to be available in the UK from summer of this year, with many of the printers offered already available. Ralf Groh, commercial marketing director for HP in Europe, the Middle East and Africa said: “Our small business customers often play multiple roles within their organisation…from managers to accounting to IT…and they require flexible, high-performance tools to complete their varied business tasks. “HP is focused on providing user-friendly technologies that improve performance and empower our customers, tearing down productivity barriers with ultra mobile and powerful solutions.”


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