HP launches ‘world’s fastest’ desktop colour printer

Officejet Pro X Series inkjet printer for small businesses launches with Guinness World Records recognition

HP today launched its latest desktop colour printer, the HP Officejet Pro X. Designed specifically to provide small and medium-sized businesses with commercial printing standards at a price they can afford and at faster speeds.

With single-function models starting at £319, HP claims the colour printers and multifunction printers offer half the printing cost of laser printers and double the speed. It achieves this through use of its patented HP PageWide Technology, which scales down commercial printing technologies for the smaller business market.

In technical terms, the printhead, which rapidly pumps out the ink onto the paper remains fixed while more than 40,000 tiny nozzles spanning the full width of a sheet of paper propel four pigment colours onto it as it moves through the machine. This means there are around 1,200 nozzles per inch resolution.

The lack of movement in the printhead reduces the noise levels and increases precision while printing. The company also says the Officejet Pro X uses up to 50% less energy than its laser counterpart and contains an automatic two-sided printing function on every model to reduce paper waste.

The release of HP’s next generation inkjet platform comes as the company celebrates 25 years since the launch of its first single-sheet inkjet printer. Launched in February 1988, the device featured average production speeds of two pages per minute (ppm).

Recognised by the Guinness World Records as the world’s fastest desktop printer, the new series promises the delivery of professional-standard documents at up to 70 pages per minute.


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