Innocent Drinks founder Richard Reed on his business maxim [Video]

The smoothie entrepreneur shares the principle rule he follows to maintain a successful business

From crushing fruit in his kitchen to becoming co-founder of a healthy smoothie business worth roughly £320m, Innocent Drinks’ Richard Reed is an entrepreneur with an impressive business success story and he still remains extremely passionate about Innocent and its “ethical” vision.

Here, Reed shares the business maxim that has helped him grow a multi-million empire and the principal rule which governs how Innocent is run; “keep the main thing, the main thing”.

Discussing what this maxim means, Reeds says that he always considers what the central focus is for the business and asks himself the following questions; “What’s the most important thing to do each day and are we doing that first?”

“What are we really about? Let’s make sure everyone’s marching behind us to achieve that” and one of the company’s most important ethos’: “what’s our brand promise and let’s make sure we’re delivering on that in every way we can.”

Reed concludes by referencing how others would agree that this is the business maxim that he lives by: “keep the main thing, the main thing is the phrase people would associate most with me.”

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