Inspirational quotes from female entrepreneurs

Claire Yarwood-White, Yarwood White:

“When I was younger, ‘entrepreneur’ was a scary word! In my twenties, I thought business was a secret that no-one had let me in on, and running a business was best left to the big boys. As I worked my way through various companies and bosses as an employee, I realised that much of the secret was common sense, making good decisions at the right time and that confidence played a huge part in success. As my own confidence grew, I began to think, ‘I could do that’.”

Gemma Stone,Rock and Ruby:

“I am probably part of the smallest statistic of entrepreneurs – under 30, female, mother of two, without a degree. But I work hard, enjoy what I do and am motivated to be a loving and giving mother and a successful businesswoman. If there are barriers in my path then I say ‘bring it on!’.”

Claire Nicholson, co-founder of integrated marketing agency more2 ltd:

“Within a few months of starting up the agency I discovered I was expecting my first child. My husband was studying full time so money was extremely tight and life was very stressful. At the beginning to succeed you have to work every spare hour and with a small team you have to be prepared to do everything. Even now the agency is five years old I do wrestle with how little I see my two daughters. My top tip is work on the train, I save work to do on my journey home so that when I step in the door I can be a mum, once they are in bed I can open up my laptop and get back to work.”

Sarah Tremellen, Bravissimo:

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“I never saw a ceiling for it, I just thought it would be fun, setting up from scratch and making something from nothing,”

Anita Roddick:

“Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is.”

Rachel Elnaugh:

“Key is understanding what type of entrepreneur you are, and then doing business in a way that is true to yourself, and above all, one that brings you personal happiness and fulfilment.”

Katie Allcott, Founder, FRANK Water:

“Varying problems exist for tall people, short people, thin people, fat people, men, women, young people, old people  – if you look for them. But the important thing is to not focus on obstacles but on goals.”


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