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Inspiring women: Alessandra Sollberger

Determined to help us live healthier lives, Sollberger has big plans for her nutritional shot start-up and has raised £500,000 to put these plans into action

Name: Alessandra Sollberger
Founded: Evermore Health in 2016 (launched May 2017)
Start-up elevator pitch: Evermore Health specialises in 100% natural nutrition shots.
Industry:  Food & drink
Funding raised: £500,000
Follow her: @a_sollberger

Who is Alessandra Sollberger?

Alessandra Sollberger lives and breathes nutrition. A swimmer from a young age, later going on to teach windsurfing and snowboarding, the entrepreneur and Oxford University graduate has turned what she refers to as a ‘personal love’ into a business.

Offering a range of 100% natural healthy juice shots, which are personalised to a customer’s needs, Evermore Health is focused on providing a “convenient, customised and accessible way to really be the best version of yourself”.

Founded last year, the Shoreditch-based start-up officially started trading last month by invitation only but Sollberger has her sights set on national and global expansion. Plans are in place to launch a digital ecosystem for personalisation via the web and an app, to roll-out two new categories, to launch into the US, and, Sollberger reveals, to introduce a “unique, science-enabled natural recipe”.

Alongside sports, Sollberger has an extensive background in finance; she previously worked in M&A at Goldman Sachs, private equity at Blackstone, and venture capital at Mosaic Ventures. Sollberger tells us that her time spent in this arena confirmed there was an opportunity to combine the positive macro trends in food & beverage and healthcare, and enhance them using technology and science.

How has she won over investors?

Despite having only started trading in the last month, Sollberger has already raised £500,000 in seed funding for Evermore Health which came from both institutional and angel investors.

Investors are likely to have been won over by Evermore’s innovative concept, Sollberger’s impressive background and knowledge of the space, the business’ growth potential and fan following – on Instagram alone, Evermore has some 12,000 fans!

Where can I find out more about Alessandra Sollberger?

An interview with Alessandra Sollberger


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