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Inspiring women: Alex Farrell

Serial entrepreneur Farrell has secured funding from the founder of PhotoBox for her start-up which ensures you never forget an important birthday again

Name: Alex Farrell
Founded: Gift Wink in June 2016
Start-up elevator pitch: Gift Wink is an online personal gifting assistant to help you remember important birthdays and find you the perfect gifts.
Industry: E-commerce
Funding raised: £700,000
Follow her: @AlexFarrell_01

Who is Alex Farrell?

Alex Farrell knows how to build a successful online business; her last venture – the IT Job Board – grew to become one of the biggest tech career platforms in Europe with offices in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

In 2014, she sold the business to NYSE-listed DICE and exited the company shortly afterwards, leaving her free to begin work on her latest start-up; Gift Wink.

Offering birthday alerts and hand-picked gift suggestions via a combination of human curation and an algorithm, Gift Wink is the perfect solution for those of us that 1. Struggle to remember important birthdays and 2. Then struggle to find the ideal gift for our loved ones.

Farrell, who is also an active angel investor and has sat on the boards for a number of different tech start-ups, launched Gift Wink in June 2016 on the back of her own personal frustrations. She tells us that she could never remember her niece’s birthday, never wanted to miss it and so set about creating a gifting assistant.

While Farrell asserts the business is still “very much in the product development phase”, she’s confident that in 12 to 18 months she’ll be in a position to start scaling up with the US ear-marked as the company’s first overseas market.

How has she won over investors?

Already, Farrell has raised £700,000 in seed investment for Gift Wink from a portfolio of high-profile and experienced angel investors and entrepreneurs such as PhotoBox founder Graham Hobson.

She’s also attracted the support of prolific business leaders such as Mumsnet co-founder Justine Roberts, who sits on Gift Wink’s board of advisors.

Farrell is using this funding and support to fulfill her business mission: to help everyone buy the perfect gift, without the guesswork.

Where can I find out more about Alex Farrell?

An interview with Alex Farrell, CEO and founder of Gift Wink


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