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Inspiring women: Brynne Herbert

The Young Gun who, in just four years, has built a HR talent mobility platform with investment to the tune of $30m…

Name: Brynne Herbert
Founded: MOVE Guides in September 2011 (launched in July 2012)
Start-up elevator pitch: Cloud-based HR service which enables companies to manage new hires and employee relocations
Industry: HR/professional services
Follow her: @BrynneSpeak

Why is she impressive?

When a start-up has secured over $30m funding, including one of 2015’s biggest investment rounds, you know it’s got to be on to something big. This business in question is MOVE Guides and it’s the brainchild of Brynne Herbert; a rising tech entrepreneur whose company makes it easier for firms to move employees for recruitment, relocating, projects or expatriate assignments. Herbert, who started the business after completing an MBA from London Business School, has already achieved more than most entrepreneurs in their first three years; having established a team of 75 employees and set up offices in London, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and New York. She has also built an impressive client portfolio which includes names such as Tesco, King and SurveyMonkey. Now supporting staffing moves to over 100 cities across six continents, Herbert is one of just a small number of female start-up founders making headway in the UK’s tech scene.

Where can I find out more about Brynne Herbert?

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