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Inspiring women: Gem Misa

Forget courgetti, kale crisps and the like, this ‘Export Food’ pioneer has created a fast-growing health food backed by £2m in crowdfunding…

Name: Gem Misa
Co-founded: Cauli Rice in September 2015
Start-up elevator pitch: Low-carbohydrate, vegan and gluten-free cauliflower-based rice alternative
Industry: Food & drink
Follow her: @CauliRiceTweets

Why is she impressive?

Not content with having one successful business under her belt (Righteous), Filipino entrepreneur Gem Misa has already gained steady traction with her latest venture Cauli Rice, which builds on the craze for ‘faux’ carbs. The start-up, which specialises in microwaveable, vegan, gluten and preservative-free cauliflower rice, is stocked in 1,500 supermarkets across the UK and US including Waitrose, Tesco and Wholefoods and has secured £2m crowdfunding. Named a UK ‘Export Food pioneer’ by secretary of state Liz Truss, Misa is primed to achieve revenues of £2m for 2016 and is also targeting growth in international markets. She also counts Sir Richard Branson as a fan – he named Cauli Rice a finalist at Pitch to Rich 2015 and has since named Cauli Rice “one of Britain’s hottest food businesses” – an award which could see the business secure a permanent listing with US retailer Target.

Where can I find out more about Gem Misa?

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