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Inspiring women: Kate Unsworth

This up-and-coming tech entrepreneur has raised over $3m for her innovative jewellery line which vibrates when you have an important notification…

Name: Kate Unsworth
Founded: Vinaya in November 2013
Start-up elevator pitch: A research and design house creating wearable tech-based jewellery
Industry: Fashion technology
Follow her: @kateuns

Why is she impressive?

Kate Unsworth wants to build products that are more sensitive to human habits; starting with her wearable technology-based jewellery line Altrius. The jewellery range – the work of her London-based research and design house Vinaya – comprises rings, necklaces and bracelets designed to get users to spend less time on mobile devices. The jewellery works by vibrating only if you have an important notification based on code words used in the subject line and users set the number of vibrations based on priority level (say one notification for your colleague and two for your boss). With over $3m seed funding from high-profile investors including Eileen Burbidge and Robin Klein, last month Unsworth announced her follow-up creation to Altrius; the Zenta. The world's first biometric band for emotional well-being, Zenta collects psychological cues such as blood oxygen levels and heart rate and cross references this data with your smartphone to spot patterns in your behaviour. Having started the business aged just 25 using coding skills learnt from university, Unsworth’s ultimate aim is create tech that will “have a positive impact on people’s lives”.

Where can I find out more about Kate Unsworth?

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