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Inspiring women: Romi Savova

The finance professional on a mission to make pensions “cool” by getting people to take control of their retirement savings…

Name: Romi Savova
Co-founded: PensionBee in November 2014 (launched January 2016)
Start-up elevator pitch: Platform that enables you to manage your pensions online from jobs past and present
Industry: Finance
Follow her: @romisavova

Why is she impressive?

Ex-Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Romi Savova wants her start-up venture PensionBee to achieve “just one thing”; that thing being to make pensions “cool”. Launched just six months ago with £1m funding, the fintech entrepreneur has created an online pension management platform which enables users to find old pensions from previous employers and combine them into a pension plan. Confident of attracting 3,000 new customers over the next 12 months, Savova’s business is capitalising on the new auto-enrolment legislation and claims to have already saved one customer “thousands of pounds in pension fees”. Having gained major press coverage in publications such as The Sunday Times, and The Telegraph, Savova’s long-term ambition is to help some 300,000 Brits to control their retirement savings – something she acknowledges is “no small feat”.

Where can I find out more about Romi Savova?

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