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Inspiring women: Stephanie Alys

The co-founder and ‘chief pleasure officer’ of the emerging £1.6m-backed intelligent sex toy brand wants to create things “that make you feel good”…

Name: Stephanie Alys
Co-founded: MysteryVibe in May 2015 (launched the produce in June 2016)
Start-up elevator pitch: Builds intelligent sex toys
Industry: Retail
Follow her: @StephanieAlys

Why is she impressive?

Stephanie Alys is giving a new meaning to the phrase ‘power in the palm of your hand’. How? Her start-up MysteryVibe has created a silicon vibrator sex toy device that can be bent to hold any shape the user desires. It can also be controlled from your mobile phone with custom ‘vibe waves’ available to download through its app. Alys, along with her three co-founders, has raised £1.6m in funding for the business as it looks to develop “a truly immersive pleasure experience”, using the Internet of Things to make sex toys smart. The prestigious Europas awards 2016 has also endorsed the product and nominated the start-up for “Best Hardware”. Having only just launched the Crescendo after more than a year in development, and with 1,000 pre-orders from 51 countries, Alys expects to generate turnover of £3m by the end of 2016.

Where can I find out more about Stephanie Alys?

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