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Inspiring women: Suzanne Brock

The pet food innovator who has bootstrapped her way to building a globally successful, multi-million brand in just two years…

Name: Suzanne Brock
Founded: Nutriment in June 2014
Start-up elevator pitch: Manufactures completely raw, super food for cats and dogs
Industry: Pet food
Follow her: @NutrimentRaw

Why is she impressive?

In true entrepreneurial fashion, Suzanne Brock remortgaged her home to raise the funding needed to turn her idea for a healthy, natural and completely raw pet food business into a reality. And it was well worth it. Two years on, the entrepreneur's start-up Nutriment – which offers an alternative to “cheap, mass-produced, corporate fodder” – has become an international success and produces 2,000 tonnes of pet food a month through a network of independent pet shops and exports to six international markets. Tapping into the growing demand for gourmet pet food, Brock's range of all-natural meals for cats and dogs using human-grade meat, vegetables and superfood saw her crowned Lean Start-up of the Year at the Startups Awards 2015; recognised for great new businesses built on a shoestring. With 40 employees and turnover set to hit £4.5m for year-end 2016, Brock is now lining up a new organic dog food range with Laverstock Farm.

Where can I find out more about Suzanne Brock?

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