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Inspiring women: Tamara Rajah

Helping to alleviate the daily suffering of thousands of cancer patients, Rajah’s e-commerce start-up has attracted over £2m investment…

Name: Tamara Rajah
Founded: Live Better With in August 2015
Start-up elevator pitch: Live Better With is an e-commerce platform retailing products which help to ease the day-to-day symptoms and side-effects suffered by cancer patients.
Industry: Healthcare
Funding raised: £2.3m
Follow her: @Tamara_Rajah

Who is Tamara Rajah?

Before founding Live Better With, scientist Rajah spent ten years working in healthcare between the UK and the US. As a consultant, she would work with patients, doctors and nurses, and also took her expertise to government level, examining the country’s care strategies for long-term conditions such as cancer.

Rajah saw that people suffering from cancer would receive advanced medical treatment, but for their day-to-day symptoms and side effects – such as brain fog, a sore mouth, itching, nausea, hair loss and pain – she saw that there was no care system in place.

This struck a chord with Rajah, whose grandfather had unfortunately suffered from lung cancer. During this time Rajah saw first-hand the side effects he’d experienced while undergoing treatment. Through her research, Rajah found that there were hundreds of products such as mobility aids, books and balms available to help ease these symptoms, but that patients either had no access to them or simply didn’t know they existed.

Determined to fix this, Rajah built an online platform that would educate patients, their loved ones and their carers on products that alleviate daily discomfort, offering reviews and enabling people to purchase them.

How has she won over investors?

Perhaps unsurprisingly for such a well-needed service, Live Better With attracted 156,000 visitors in its first six months, and has gone on to retain thousands of customers. Having launched in the US in February 2016, the site is going from strength to strength; including securing a partnership with Marie Curie later in that year.

But it was before this that Rajah met with venture capital platform Forward Partners.

Though the platform hadn’t yet launched, Forward Partners chose to invest £250,000 in Live Better With based on Rajah’s thorough research, which highlighted the big opportunity she had found.

Rajah has gone on to clinch £25,000 in MassChallenge Gold prize money, and in August 2016 completed an impressive £2m seed funding round led by Fig, with participation from Downing Ventures, Forward Partners and the London Co Investment Fund (LCIF).

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