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Inspiring women: Jodi Huggett

The award-winning green energy entrepreneur helping home-owners and businesses save hundreds of pounds on their bills…

Name: Jodi Huggett
Co-founded: 4eco in 2014
Start-up elevator pitch: Energy management devices
Industry: Renewable energy
Follow her: @4ecoltd

Why is she impressive?

In a little over two years, Lincolnshire entrepreneur Jodi Huggett, along with her two co-founders, has built a green energy business which generates sales in excess of over £3m. Her start-up venture, 4eco, is the creator of the ImmerSUN device which retains self-generated energy within a home or business by diverting to an immersion heater, space heaters and underfloor heating – a process which has saved over 20,000 customers hundreds of pounds on their energy bills. Having started the business while fighting a rare form of cancer, Huggett’s entrepreneurial endeavour is undoubtable and she has helped scale the company with no external investment. In interviews, Huggett has discussed how starting a business “turned her life around from living on state benefits” and her early start-up achievements were recognised back in 2014 when she was granted the illustrious Women in Business Award at that year’s Startups Awards.

Where can I find out more about Jodi Huggett?

Women in Business Award 2014


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