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iPhone 7 review

Not as young as the iPhone 8 - but for some specs it’s even better!

Startups rating ★★★★(4 out of 5)

The iPhone 6 is still one of the most popular phones that ever sold. The iPhone 7 is all that, and more.

Even if it’s not the newest of models anymore our testing still finds it one of the best – in terms of battery it’s even better than later designs and for value for money it’s especially hard to beat.

Plus it's never been cheaper, and we think it's the best value iPhone on the market today.

If you agree, we've even tracked down the best iPhone 7 deals with the UK's leading mobile providers in case you wanted to make it yours.

pros thumbs up PROS – Stunning design, fast processor, clear screen, top-notch camera, waterproof

cons thumbs down – No expandable memory, no traditional headphone jack

Now, onto what you came here for:

how much


Cheap for a premier iPhone

Typical price: £549

You can read our full review on the mobile phone providers available here.

Or if you're just after top value for money and great coverage, you might like to choose from the best value iPhone 7 deals available today:

bt logo o2 logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£37 /mth £34 /mth £49 /mth £43 /mth £0 /mth
100 upfront £0 upfront £9 upfront 510 upfront £549 SIM free
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50% off first
3 months
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OS iOS 10.0.1 (operating system)
Weight 138 (grams)
Phone size 138 x 67 x 7 mm (millimetres)
Screen size 4.7″ (inches)
Internal memory 32 GB (gigabytes)
Screen resolution 750 x 1334 MP (megapixels)
Rear camera 12 Mp (megapixels)


What’s it like to use?

It means business

Slick design

You may have seen that Apple takes design very seriously. We think it’s paid off with the iPhone 7. This model is light and comfy in the hand, and the Retina HD display is a big improvement on the iPhone 6.

HD display

The 4.7-inch Retina HD display is stunning. The screen is bright, and there’s good contrast to make text easy to read.

Plus, with True Tone the display adjusts to the light around it – we found it really is easier on the eye. You’ll also get this in newer Samsung models like the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S9.

You can even pick a colour to match your brand – jet black (only available on the 128GB and 256GB versions), black, red (in association with the Product Red charity), silver, gold and rose gold.

A nifty processor

Our readers are busy running the next best start-up, and can’t be slowed down by their handsets. We’re happy to say the iPhone 7 is up to the challenge.

The A10 processor is top-of-the-line, and you’ll be opening browsers and apps at lightning speeds. Even if you enjoy the odd HD game, the iPhone 7 won’t let you down.

All-you-can-eat space

If you’re big on your apps and storing work files to your device, the iPhone 7 is a great call. Apple let the 16BG model go because it just wasn’t big enough, so now you can select from 32GB, 128GB and a whopping 256GB.


How’s the battery?

Great for web browsing, good for calls

The iPhone 7’s battery is great. You’ll be able to browse the web for 10.5 hours – even a fraction better than the iPhone 8, and 2.5 hours better than the iPhone 6.

If you’re a big phone talker, Android models generally have better batteries for call times (some offer double the lifespan). But to be honest, the iPhone 7 will give you nearly 12 hours on the phone before giving up, which we think most small business owners will be hard pressed to go over.

How about the camera?

A big improvement

The iPhone 7’s camera is first-rate, and a big step up on the iPhone 6. The megapixels are the same but an added optical image stabilisation (OIS) feature really does make all the difference – you can expect crystal clear-shots, even when you’re running between meetings.

The large aperture (f/1.8) is also generous for a phone – it lets in plenty of light, so your images appear sharper. You can also look forward to 4K video.

The front-facing camera is fairly standard at 7 Mp, but if you’re keen to go for dual 12 Mp front and rear cameras, you might like to look into the iPhone 7 Plus – other than that they’re fairly similar models where it matters most.

Is it for me?

Yes, we think it’s the best value for money iPhone

The iPhone 7 is our favourite for value for money. It’s a premier device, with everything you’d expect from an iPhone and some impressive specs for the most important things for business owners: speed, battery and intuitive use.

But if you're not convinced, you can compare it with its rivals in our full-fat review of the Top 10 Business Mobile Phones, including the other iPhones and leading Androids.

Why does the iPhone 7 make the Startups Top 10 mobiles? This phone even gives more expensive models a run for their money. And with an easy-to-read screen and waterproof face, this one is built to last…

Want it?

We've found the best iPhone 7 deals available today for you to pick:

bt logo o2 logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£37 /mth £34 /mth £49 /mth £43 /mth £0 /mth
100 upfront £0 upfront £9 upfront £50 upfront £549 SIM free
choose choose choose choose choose
V50% off first
3 months
Online only at
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