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iPhone X review

Everyone's talking about it - but is the iPhone X right for you?

Startups rating ★★★★(4 out of 5)

The iPhone X is the most raved phone on the market today, and it really is a step above most smartphones out there.

Not only is it top quality for everything that matters to small business owners (speed, screen, camera), it has some really impressive touches – like Face ID which unlocks your device more securely and easily than ever with just your face.

But as you'd expect, that level of sophistication doesn’t come cheap. That's why we've tracked down the best pay monthly or SIM only iPhone X deals for our readers who are looking for one of the best phones ever made without breaking the bank.

pros thumbs up PROS – Full-screen design, lightning-speed processor, hard-to-beat photos, Portrait Mode, top quality phone calls, wireless charging, water-resistant, Face ID, excellent music sound, 3D touch

cons thumbs down CONS – Slower charge than some, no traditional headphone jack, no micro-SD card slot

Apple have pulled out all the stops with the iPhone X, launched to celebrate a whole decade of iPhones.

The iPhone X takes the crown for specs – with a 5.8-inch full-screen Super Retina display and one of the best phone cameras on the market, but there are Android smartphones with a more generous battery life.

In this article we cover:

how much


This much action doesn’t come cheap

Typical price: £999

You can read our full review on the mobile phone providers available here.

Or if you're just after top value for money from a leading mobile network, we've tracked down the best iPhone X deals for our readers here:

o2 logo bt logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£56 /mth £57 /mth £65 /mth £73 /mth £0 SIM free
£99.99 upfront £300 upfront £49 upfront £50 upfront £959 SIM free
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OS iOS 11.1.1 (operating system)
Weight 174g (grams)
Phone size 144 x 71 x 8 mm (millimetres)
Screen size 5.8″ (inches)
Internal memory 64 GB (gigabytes)
Screen resolution

1125 x 2436 Mp

Cameras 12 Mp / 12 Mp / 7 Mp (megapixels)


What’s it like to use?

Quite simply, it’s got it all

The best designed phone?

The iPhone X is already making last year’s models look a thing of the past. We like the full-screen display – it means the phone can be a generous 5.8 inches without feeling clunky in your hand. Plus, for travel or commutes, this phone is a dream for watching videos.

Super Retina display

The Super Retina display really makes the colours pop, and creates an immersive experience – perfect for those who like to get into their work.

Even in broad daylight, the screen is easy to read thanks to True Tone technology, which we first got to try in the iPhone 8.

Faster than fast

And just like the iPhone 8, this device is lightning fast – to keep up with even the most demanding business needs. Though even if the processors in the Samsung Galaxies or Google Pixels are a tad slower, we think all are faster than users could ever keep up with.

Nice, clear calls

Business mobiles need superb call quality – we know our readers can’t always get to a quiet office to make important work calls, and you’ll want to leave the best impression with your clients, wherever you are.

We haven’t yet tested a smartphone that offered crystal clear call quality in the noisiest of conditions, but the iPhone X is definitely one of the most impressive for this – with voices sharp and minimal echo in most settings.

Wireless music

Some customers still miss the old headphone jack – while others wouldn’t be seen dead today with wired headphones.

Whichever you prefer, you’ll still be able to use traditional headphones with an adaptor, and we like how your very own (wireless) Lightning headphones come included in the box – the same is not true of all Androids.

Face ID, no more fingerprint scanning

That’s because you don’t one thanks to the even more secure – and let’s face it, far cooler – facial recognition technology. But if you fancy the option of both, you might want to check out the Samsung S8.


How’s the battery?

Great, but not the best

The iPhone X has a great battery, but it’s not quite as strong as some other models like the Galaxy S8 or even the iPhone 8.

It’ll get you over nine hours of normal use or around 16 hours on the phone – though to be fair, that’s more than enough for most small business owners.

It’s also a bit of a slow charger, compared with the S8 or Pixel 2. A 15-minute charge will give you between 50 and 90 minutes of use.

That said, the iPhone X does offer fast charging – you’ll just need to pick up the charger yourself (with many Androids it’s included in the box).

How about the camera?

Perfect for portraits and videos with the X factor

Apple is known for making some of the best phone cameras on the market today – and the iPhone X is a strong contender for the Number One spot.

If you’re after a professional-looking profile picture, you won’t be disappointed. Like the Samsung S9, here you’ve got two rear 12 Mp cameras – a wide-angle and a telephoto lens. That means you can zoom without losing quality.

Like most users, we really like the Portrait Mode setting, which has nice touches like Studio Light and artfully blurring the background to give you shots with star quality. It’s perfect for staff photos – or anyone looking for an ego boost, really.

As with most cameras, you’ll get a softer image quality in low light settings, but overall the details are crisp and the colours bright.

And if you like taking videos, prepare to be dazzled. Most premier smartphones rave about their 4K HD videos, but the iPhone X is the only one we found gives you a perfectly smooth pan – ideal if you like to share your videos online.

Is it for me?

Yes, if you want the best of the best

There’s a reason everyone can’t stop talking about the iPhone X – simply put, it’s one of the best smartphones that’s ever been made.

But if you're not convinced, you can compare it with its rivals in our full-fat review of the Top 10 Business Mobile Phones, including the other iPhones and leading Androids.

Why does the iPhone X make the Startups Top 10 mobiles? It's got everything you could dream of in a business phone – lightning speed, decent charge, great call quality.

Plus there are some nice touches only Apple could invent – things like Face ID, Portrait Lighting and of course, the snazzy full-screen Super Retina display.

Naturally, the iPhone X was never going to be cheap. But if you like the look of these specs and want a business mobile that offers premier support, here are some pay monthly deals that can make this nifty little handset affordable…

Want it?

We've found the best iPhone X deals available today for you to pick:

o2 logo bt logo vodafone logo ee logo mini carphone warehouse logo
£56 /mth £57 /mth £65 /mth £73 /mth £0 SIM free
£99.99 upfront £300 upfront £49 upfront £50 upfront £759 SIM free
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