Is franchising for you? Husband-and-wife duo explain why they invested in a franchise

Peter and Janet Grimes say becoming franchisees for Nationwide Cleaners has been "the best decision they ever made". Find out why...

Are you considering becoming a franchisee?

In search of a “less demanding lifestyle”, Janet Grimes cut down her hours as a training and business development manager and, along with her husband Peter who had been getting “bored” of retirement, decided to invest in a franchise.

An opportunity to put their “skills to good use”, provide “a new challenge in life”, and generate a “good income”, read the following case study from the entrepreneurial couple on becoming franchisees for domestic cleaning chain Nationwide Cleaners:

“A Nationwide Cleaners franchise particularly appealed to us – we liked the fact that we could work from home, and we also liked the fact that our cleaners would be self-employed (anyone who has had dealings with employment law will know what a nightmare this can be!).

“We thought the franchise monthly fee was reasonable in comparison with some other franchises and we also liked the money back guarantee, which is very unusual – this was obviously a company confident of our success!

“We won’t deny that starting up the business was hard graft (which is only to be expected), but we had our first client by the end of June 2016 and had 50 clients by the end of October 2017.

“Janet is giving up her training job in March 2017 to spend time further developing the business, and we still have many postcode areas that we haven’t yet covered and recognise that there is still a great deal of untapped potential out there!

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“Peter has not only spent time on developing the cleaning side of the business, but has enjoyed developing the marketing side, too. Peter introduced tracking to his leaflet distribution, which has proved very successful and led to a constant stream of enquiries.

“When Janet has more time available in March, Peter plans to further expand the marketing, which he recognises as having good potential, too.

“We are both very pleased that we made the decision to invest in a Nationwide Franchise – it ticks all our boxes and is the best decision we have ever made!”


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