Isomer Capital launches €150m European tech fund

London-based fund will help VC firms such as Hoxton Ventures and Entrepreneur First invest in early stage UK tech businesses

A new €150m fund focused on providing investment to high growth start-ups in Europe’s burgeoning technology sector has been launched by London-based venture capital (VC) firm Isomer Capital.

British tech businesses are set to benefit from the fund, which has already made commitments to early-stage UK VC firms including Hoxton Ventures, White Star Capital, and Entrepreneur First.

Isomer intends for the fund to help UK investors benefit from the estimated €137bn generated in European tech exits last year, and break the monopoly of US investors by mitigating the “difficult and resource intensive” process of investing in small companies within the sector.

Isomer has a portfolio of 96 companies across nine countries, including high growth UK-based businesses Deliveroo and Dark Trace – two of the biggest investments of 2015.

Joe Schorge, founder of Isomer Capital, commented: “Europe is building a new generation of high growth technology companies, formed by experienced technologists and serial entrepreneurs at higher volumes, quality and ambition levels than ever before.

“The opportunity has outstripped the supply of capital and Isomer is seeking to exploit this demand/supply imbalance by working with some of the most inspiring fund and company entrepreneurs.”



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