IW Capital

The private equity firm which manages tax-efficient EIS funds, offering debt funding and equity investment to UK small and medium businesses

Fund name: IW Capital
Investor category: Private equity and debt
Based in: Mayfair, London
Website: www.iwcapital.co.uk


IW Capital offers both tax-efficient equity investment opportunities through the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and senior debt lending opportunities in growing UK companies.

Investment criteria:

IW Capital provides debt funding and equity investment for UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises which are currently scaling. The firm strongly prefers to lend to or invest in profitable businesses, but may make exceptions for companies with a clear route to profitability ahead of them.

IW Capital’s senior debt facilities range from £500,000 to £10m, and are offered primarily to stable businesses which can provide evidence that they are generating cash.

The firm’s EIS funds are invested in unquoted UK businesses across all sectors, and range from £500,000 to £10m. IW Capital aims to actively support investees’ growth, and prefers to back companies with strong management, potential for high growth and an innovative product or service.

Size of fund:


Portfolio company:

In October 2014, IW Capital led a $7.5m Series A round into travel money service WeSwap, and will be leading a Series B funding round in August 2017.

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Launched in 2013, WeSwap enables users to swap currencies directly between one another for a fairer exchange rate. In 2016, the business says it saw thousands of customers swapping millions of pounds each month.

Featured deals:

  • WeSwap Series A
  • WeSwap 2016 round


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