Keeping London running through the Olympics and beyond

Company: JogPost
Henry Buckley and JJ Harding
An innovative leaflet delivery and distribution start-up, where clients’ marketing materials are delivered by joggers

This summer, JogPost has teamed up with DHL and other logistics companies to keep London deliveries running smoothly, as an extra 5.3 million visitors add to congestion in the capital.

According to Harding: “Joggers will ensure reliable, consistent and timely deliveries during this busy period. The summer’s events have catapulted us out of the starting blocks to lead the field in viable and environmentally-positive delivery solutions for the future.”

The company’s leaflet distribution business is simple. Hire fit, committed joggers to deliver leaflets fast. Supervise deliveries to ensure they’re carried out in full and on time. Pay good wages and make the business appealing to new recruits. Then take on the competition with quicker delivery times and a more reliable service.

Having just finished its second year, JogPost now has a turnover of £1.5m, 400 joggers and back-up staff, and more than 1,000 clients, including big players such as Pizza Hut, Peugeot and the NHS. The idea (conceived while Buckley was waiting in a pub for a friend to finish delivering leaflets, and told him to “jog”), even won over the ‘Dragons’. After delivering an assured pitch on the show last summer, the founders secured four offers of investment, before striking a deal with Deborah Meaden for £50,000 in return for 20% of the business.


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