Kaiku merged with GB Environmental

Octopus Ventures bolts together two companies in the field

A company which has developed innovative pipe technology to ensure the safety of products made in the food, drink and pharmaceutical industries has been bought out by a VC group.


Manchester-based Kaiku has been acquired by Octopus Ventures and is now being bolted together by the VC with the Essex-based GB Environmental which operates in the same sector.


Kaiku, which was established in 1999 sells its unique process flow monitoring and management tool, i-Pipe product, worldwide. 


Octopus says that the merger “brings together two companies with unique and complementary skill sets and their combined strengths will help producers to successfully monitor disinfectant and purification processes across the food, drink, health and pharmaceutical industries.”


Kaiku’s i-Pipe innovation, a non-invasive sensor which monitors changes in food or drink during processing, will complement GB’s UV air and liquid disinfection products. 


“The acquisition of Kaiku really strengthens the product offer and allows us to create greater added value for our customers in a holistic manner throughout the length of the process,” said Lee Slaughter, who has been appointed by Octopus as the chief executive of the new company.


“We can offer a more comprehensive solution and will be now looking to expand our share of the market within the food and drink sector whilst also developing our markets in the health, leisure and pharmaceutical industries.”

Richard Shaw, on behalf of Kaiku said: “The acquisition and merger of the company brings together many sets of skills and joins together our product portfolios which means that we can now target a much wider and deeper range of industries.


“The deal will allow us to stay at Manchester Science Park, which has been so supportive of us over our formative years.”


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