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Karisma Kidz

Interactive toys designed to protect children from the stresses of modern living

Founder: Erika Brodnock
Launched: April 2012

With one in four children experiencing anxiety while growing up, Karisma Kidz has developed interactive dolls designed to promote positive thinking among children and reduce childhood stress.

The learning-while-you play tools launched in April 2012 allow children to listen to pre-recorded esteem-building statements from their parents and stories that encourage the child to deal with stressful situations positively.

Using takeTen philosophy, employed by athletes to reach the right state of mind for competing, the dolls teach children how to control stress, enabling them to recognise a stressful feeling, before pressing the pause button and shifting into a positive feeling.

Parents can also benefit by visiting the Karisma Kidz website for expert advice from Sue Atkins, creator of Parenting Made Easy and the company's own clinical psychologist and family therapist.

Brodnock hopes to take her innovative strategy into the world of education by training teachers to use the stress-relieving technique on students. In a start-up landscape where ‘the next Facebook or Google' so often grab the headlines, Karisma Kidz makes this list precisely because it represents the many small but beautifully-formed businesses the UK has to offer – and has a founder in Erika Brodnock determined to do absolutely anything it takes to make it work.


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