Keep Kids Safe gain £150,000 investment

The Sheffield-based company, formed in 2005, was first conceived by Matthew Smith as a result of concern for his own child’s safety when he was dropping him off at school.

The Keep Kids Safe system, which is currently being used at 100 schools in the UK, sends parents a text or voice message if their child is absent from school.

The system, which links up to the schools internal systems, is designed to cut truancy, and ensure that schools are keeping parents informed with the ultimate aim of increasing child safety.

“I have a child of my own and I was concerned about what happens once you drop them off at the school gate.

“One of the problems is that when you drop the kids off you don’t get a receipt,” Smith said.

The company began to look for funding in July 2006 and began talks with a venture capital investor.

However, following the collapse of those talks Smith attended a Connect Yorkshire event where he and other entrepreneurs pitched to potential investors.

At this meeting Smith met Andy Jones, an angel investor who backed the company to the tune of £150,000.

Jones, said: “It was clear to me that Keep Kids Safe was a brilliant product but, like any growing company, it needed working capital to aid expansion.

“There are some 26,000 schools in the UK and additional people, marketing and systems were required to address this huge market in a professional way”.

Jones has now joined the company as its sales director and the company aims to roll-out its offering to 1000 schools by the end of the year.

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