Keeping track and measuring your web traffic

How to monitor the amount of visitors to your site

There are various terms used to describe the science of recording and interpreting website statistics. Web metrics, web analytics, web stats and site stats, to name a few. ‘E-metrics’ refers to analysis of electronic businesses.

The ‘metrics’ of web metrics refers to measurement – the science of measuring websites. Specifically, measuring website ‘events’, and extracting trends. In this case, those ‘events’ are human clicks. By measuring these events you can answer questions such as:

Are there more or less people coming to your site this week than there were last week? Is your site doing better or worse this week? 

What should your stats tell you?

They will inform you about numerous aspects of your traffic, the number of (returning) visitors to your site, and how visitors surf through your pages. This information tells you about the content of your site and how visitors use it.

Your traffic statistics are an indicator of website performance. When applied in this sense, site stats can be used very effectively to make updates. They can tell you what aspects of your site are popular, and what aspects visitors don’t like.

If your website is generates its revenue from advertising, effective measurement of visitors to your site is crucial. The price you can realistically charge for people to advertise on your site will be determined by how many visitors you get.

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