Key self assessment dates

The lowdown on the main self assessment dates

It’s easy to forget about tax return deadlines when you are starting up a new business, but it’s important that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and send the necessary information. Every year, millions of self-employed people either miss the deadline and incur fines or file at the last minute, giving the HM Revenue & Customs less time to assist those with problems.

These are the key dates over the coming year which you must be aware of:

31 October – If you are filling in a paper tax return for the last tax year, you must send it to the HMRC by this date if you want them to:

  • Calculate your tax

  • Tell you what to pay by 31 January next year

  • Collect tax through your tax code, if possible, where you owe less than £2,000.

If your paper returns after this deadline, you’ll be charged an automatic £100 penalty.

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Remember, if you file your tax return over the internet, your tax liability will be calculated automatically.

30 December – Online tax returns: If you send your tax return over the internet, you must send it back by this date if you want the HMRC to collect tax through your tax code where you owe less than £2,000.

31 January – If you were sent a tax return by 31 October the previous year, this is the deadline for sending back your completed tax return from the last tax year.

If you have any queries about these deadlines, go here.


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