Lack of customer support could lose UK online businesses £20bn

64% of consumers would not return to a site after experiencing unsatisfactory customer service, research reveals

Two-thirds of customers complain of poor customer service from online retailers, research from YouGov reveals.

The survey of 2,000 UK consumers found that lack of customer support from online businesses could lead to loss of trade, as 64% of respondents claimed they would not return to a site that had failed to provide adequate service.

With last year’s online trade exceeding £50bn, it is estimated that failing customer support systems could lead to £20bn in lost sales.

Adam Cooke, founder of support software for online retail firms Sirportly, urges business owners to invest in good quality customer service.

He said: “The growth of online retail in the UK has brought with it opportunities and problems. Retailers need to treat online customers as well as they would do offline customers.

“Businesses that are able to adapt and offer outstanding service online, with great products and great prices are more likely to win and retain business.”


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