Leancall.co.uk launches pay-as-you-go call centre

Cloud-based service aims to help small businesses scale

For entrepreneurs with a large number of outbound calls to make, a ‘call tracking solution’ may mean pages of scribbled notes or circles in the telephone directory. However, a new start-up has launched a service offering the functionality of the software used by large call centres to the solo entrepreneur, on a pay-as-you-go basis, which the company claims is a world first. Leancall.co.uk delivers its services entirely online, meaning users only need an internet connection and a headset to run their telesales through the cloud – and they only pay for the phone calls they make.

The service includes predictive dialling and call tracking technology, as well as enabling the user to record the outcomes of sales conversations. Furthermore, if a small business takes on more staff (even if it’s just for an intensive period), its account can be expanded to accommodate up to 200 users – helping entrepreneurs to scale their business and adapt to busy periods. Sam Bashton, MD of Leancall.co.uk, said: “Within two years we are aiming to be the number-one provider of this technology. “Leancall is the only pay-as-you-go call centre solution on the market. No hardware is needed, just a computer, headset and internet connection.”


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