Less than half of small businesses use social media

A quarter of entrepreneurs lack confidence using social networks, despite 90% acknowledging their power

The opportunities of social media to increase customer engagement has been well documented – yet remarkably less than half of entrepreneurs use such networks to promote their business. According to a revealing new study by Groupon, only 42% of small businesses use social media, despite more than half recognising that it could help them access a wider audience. Of the 360 businesses polled, 90% believed in the power of social media to increase business growth, and 16% thought Twitter and Facebook would help them interact with customers more easily. However, nearly a quarter admitted to lacking confidence using such networks, and more than half (54%) believed they would be too time-consuming to manage. Groupon has used the participants feedback to create a short introductory guide to social media, including tips and guidance on how to get started, increase and measure engagement. For more information or to download the guide, visit the Groupon Works website


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