Lifesize Touch

One of the first ever companies to make fully interactive furniture a reality

Founder: Sheena Mackenzie
Launched: January 2013

A staple of many a science fiction movie, touchscreen-enabled ‘interactive furniture’ may seem an impossibly futuristic pipe dream for some; but tech entrepreneur Sheena Mackenzie’s new start-up has brought the ideal into reality for the first time.

Launched in January 2013 after two years in development, Lifesize Touch has released the world’s first (and currently only) range of fully interactive furniture – tables, desks and counters featuring embedded glass touchscreens, with the capacity to surf the web, order retail products and read the news.

The technology has already caught the eye of established brands, with IBM and Schuh Footwear amongst the high-profile names on the company’s 20-strong client portfolio. Businesses have been particularly drawn by the product’s potential to offer a new level of interaction with consumers; a company can showcase products, play promotional videos and even complete online sales through an unusual and appealing format, without the need for additional hardware.

Backed by £150,000 private equity, the Merseyside-based start-up’s lack of competitors means it is well placed to expand rapidly; following establishment in the UK, Mackenzie plans to take the company into overseas territories in 2014 and capitalise on the product’s unique potential.


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